Slide is a leading Italian manufacturer of stylish and sophisticated lighted furniture and lamps. Its lighted furniture is described as creative, innovative and diverse, featuring clean details and ironic qualities that make them stand out, all while radiating light that can perfectly illuminate an area or a particular space. Slide makes both indoor and outdoor lighting, and some options are versatile for either application. Each lighting fixture can clearly change or improve the look and mood of the place where it is found and add more character to the establishment where it is placed.

Designers of lighted furniture by Slide cleverly use light as an art form to sharpen the senses, provoke emotions and encourage communication. With minimal wiring, the lighted furniture is easy to install and has a clean, functional and versatile design. All products are ready to be used in different types of settings. Slide design elements are made of polyethylene, which is preferred for being robust and lightweight. It can easily be shaped both in unusual and basic forms through rotational molding and can be finished with any vibrant color. Polyethylene is recyclable, too.

In 2013, Slide began to use other materials like HPL, polypropylene and polyurethane. It also employed production processes like polyurethane foam molding and injection molding, resulting in a competitive product range that caters to the demands of its customers. These are some of the design principles that Slide uses to make one-of-a-kind environments and interior designs with its lighted fixtures.

All Slide lighted furniture is made in Italy. This ensures that you are buying products designed by international names such as Karim Rashid and Marcel Wanders. Collaborating with international designers is one way that Slide keeps its product line fresh and up-to-date. Likewise, it is a great way to showcase unique talents like Gio Colonna Romano, who is known for his Break Bar light-up furniture. Slide maintains an in-house manufacturing process to ensure complete control of quality in all its products. Everything from the engineering to molding, assembling, finishing, and lacquering is taken care of in the Buccinasco factory.