Opinion Ciatti has been manufacturing furniture since the 1950s, beginning with the Ciatti family itself. The present company as it is known was founded only in 2003 when Bruno Rainaldi, a utopian designer who experiments with codes of expression, met Flavia Ciatti. This resulted in a furniture design and manufacturing company that is focused on creating accessories and fittings that are remarkably stylish and attractive. Opinion Ciatti is particularly known for its chairs, especially the Mammamia, designed by Marcello Ziliani, which are playfully and colorfully designed without sacrificing form and function.

Using Opinion Ciatti chairs will bring life, comfort, and style to any application. Opinion Ciatti loves to play and experiment with many different types of forms, resulting in expressive and stylish chairs that have inspired other furniture designers. Many of the chairs are modifiable, so you can be sure that you have armchairs that are designed specifically for your unique requirements. Every Opinion Ciatti armchair has its character that reflects an adaptable, free, and modern lifestyle.

Guelfo is one of the latest armchairs designed by Opinion Ciatti. It was initially introduced in 2015, and it features an upholstered wingback that comes with a pouf. It bears a black nickel structure and capitonne’ work on its leather cover and finished with black, lightly puffed natural grain bovine leather. The armchair is elegant and can add a sophisticated and timeless touch to your room.

Opinion Ciatti pioneered the design for colorful and customizable chairs with the Mammamia, designed by Marcello Ziliani. The seat can come with armrests for your home or office. Mammamia is a seat with a die-cast aluminum frame and a galvanized iron structure. Opinion Ciatti uses waterbased paints for the armchair, and they come in many different colors and finishes. Some finishes are particularly unique—such as the mirror finish for a sleek and futuristic look, and the elegantly warm faux fur on die-cast aluminum.