Trusted by world class manufactures of high end corporate, residential, and custom made design furniture!

Who We Are

We are passionate about design and have been in the high-end furnishings industry for more than 25 years. As a business we offer products of intrinsic value, originality, and quality; and provide attentive service and attention to every detail. We assist in all phases of the design process from concept, bespoke solutions, and delivery. Our mission is to bring you the finest in contemporary design in a way that will make your life and work easier and more enjoyable. We are excited for you to join us.

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European Design in the USA


Product Offering

Giving you direct access to a vast selection of the highest quality contemporary furnishings from Europe’s finest designers.


Bespoke Solutions

The most exquisite materials and handcrafted quality to realize your special vision.



Meticulous attention to you and your project. We handle Project Management and Fulfillment, from procurement to delivery, worldwide. We assure perfect service.

What We Do

Our Brands

We are proud to represent brands that provide the highest quality furnishings and uphold the same standards as we do of excellence in professionalism, integrity, and reliability. Our brands are at the forefront of original and unique design, with exquisite materials and unmatched craftsmanship. We are pleased to be their partners in design.

Why Us

Design Expertise

We help you find and select solutions and products that fit your aesthetic and project needs.

Broad Network

We can do it all: from sourcing to quality control, on-site inspection, and door-to-door logistics.

Concierge Service

We believe our clients are guests and serve them with expertise, respect and truthfulness.

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If you would like information on a specific product or need a bespoke solution, please tell us more here:

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+1 (917) 594-5550

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1 Sellek Street, Norwalk, CT 06855