DzineElements is the exclusive agent for the following states: New York, Florida, Pennsylvania, Georgia, North Carolina, New Jersey, Virginia, Massachusetts, Maryland, South Carolina, Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Delaware, Vermont, District of Columbia, Michigan, Illinois. DzineElements is also a nationwide distributor. FIAM designs, develops and produces items of furniture in curved glass, creating them through a combination of craftsmanship and industrial processes, actually merging tradition and innovation, hand-crafting and design. Fiam expresses a productive philosophy that can be defined as “culture of beauty”. The glass, by its nature, lends itself to be mould, transformed, ruled by the fantasy and artist’s creative force. The success of the complex process by which glass is transformed into the finished product relies on the experience of skilled craftsmen, who carry out various operations: silver-coating, bending, decoration, fusion, engraving, grinding and carving. A glassworking professional, capable of predicting, quantifying, controlling and finding the right alternatives in every single case. 
During the bending process, the master craftsman’s experience and his ability to work in perfect harmony with the furnace operator are fundamental for controlling the shapes produced and the success of the operation. In spite of the state-of-the-art technology used to forge it, the finished item is unique: a crafted work of art. 
Therefore, at FIAM the master craftsman is considered just as important as the designer in the piece’s creation. FIAM sees a designer’s ability to take risks with shapes as a welcome challenge to its technical expertise. The company has even created one-off technologies to produce some pieces.