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LAGO roots can be traced back to the late nineteenth century when Policarpo began his handicraft activity as a cabinet-maker in manor houses and churches in Venice. The next generation continued the tradition and expanded production to double bedrooms and subsequently to small furniture sets for entrance halls. However, it is during the 80’s that the younger generation had the idea to focus on the furniture of other areas of the house. In 2006, at its fourth generation, the company located in Villa del Conte was transformed in a joint stock company and set out to confront the global market. A new journey thus began full of challenges and achievements. In charge of this delicate generational transition is Daniele Lago, a young entrepreneur and designer, who, together with his brother Franco and his sister Rosanna, leads a young and dynamic team. The company’s turnover now exceeds 31 million euro and the number of employees, nearly 170, has doubled in just 5 years. LAGO has a worldwide presence with over 400 selected stores and single-brand stores in Italian and European cities, including Rome, Milan, Lyon, Prague, London, Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, New York, Miami, Los Angeles.