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When Austrian architect Wolfgang Pichler came up with idea of designing a series of outdoor furniture he was looking for some to use in his own garden. He intended the series to meet his own design standards and the requirements of a top quality product: the perfect synthesis of form and function would convey relaxation and quality of life in fast-moving times! In addition to high and uncompromising quality standards he wanted ergonomics, durability and variable functionality to define the product philosophy. It didn’t take long to consider what the company should be called. VITEO is derived from Latin viteus (the vine), and is a homage to the beauty of the natural surroundings in the wine region of southern Styria, where the company is based. Viteo has now been designing and producing outdoor furniture to sell these products across the world for almost 10 years. The best Design and the best materials are only as good as the attention to detail that is invested in production. Our furniture is made in a small batch production by hand. Not just anywhere but 20 km from our headquarters in Strass in the beautiful southern Styria. Therefore we can supervise, monitor and optimize production processes easily and at any time. We build our furniture in the heart of Europe – for quality reasons.