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Sale Agency

We have all the skills and knowledge to run your US corporation

Promotion of your brand, customized presentations of your company and constant effort to boost sales, assistance in obtaining the proper certification for the market and legal advice. When a customer purchases ex factory, we only provide sales agency services and let the customer handle logistic and deliveries.

Sales Promotion

We promote your brand and make sure it is getting the desired consideration within showrooms and design firms. Our network of area manangers and sales reps cover the entire US territory

Costumized Company Presentation

We creation customized presentations for your company and constant visits to customers to introduce new products and boost sales

Partners Selection

We provide our expertise in selecting the right partners for you, wheter you are looking for a showroom on street level, a design center, an architect or an investor.

Collection Calls

We manage collections calls for you and solicitate late payment from customers


We provide any requirements or forms and we can assist you in obtaining the proper certification required to sell your products in the US market

Legal Advice

We provide legal advice for any dispute you might ever encounter

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