LAlampada is a specially designed spherical lamp by Italian luxury furniture company, Opinion Ciatti. The lamp is a great example of a creatively designed and artistic lighting fixture—and it has become a staple for homes and establishments aiming to achieve a sophisticated and ultra-modern interior design with a touch of futuristic themes. LAlampada lamps belong to the 2014 Opinion Ciatti collection, which was composed of contemporary furniture given antiqued looks to create amazing contrasts. Here are some of the unique features of this exclusive lamp:

  • Opinion Ciatti LAlampada lamps come in many different material finishes. They are finished by hand, resulting in a more special and unique piece. Other furniture designers have taken inspiration from the LAlampada and have made similar-looking products, but the original still manages to stand out due to the carefully hand-crafted material finishing.
  • The plain shape and color are the two factors that contribute to its unique appeal and design. The internal and external finishing comes in 213 colors. Glossy protective finishing applies to certain colors like black leaf/silver and copper leaf/copper. LAlampada is made of aluminum, so it is lightweight and can be installed in different applications.
  • LAlampada lamps are versatile. They can be mounted on the ceiling to hang over a table, installed on a wall, or even on the floor. Opinion Ciatti gives customers the option to go for gold or chromed decorative chains, which are finished with protective transparent paint.
  • Opinion Ciatti LAlampada lamps are compatible with bulbs of different energy classes. Bulbs are typically ranked A++ to E in terms of energy efficiency, with E being the lowest.

If you are looking to buy Opinion Ciatti LAlampada lamps in the US, look for a reputable provider and importer that works directly with the company. This way, you can be sure that you are investing in genuine Italian light fixtures that can add value and style to your property.