European Design Furniture: A Design Encompassed with Tradition

Italian designers were among the pioneers of European modern design in furniture, starting with creative and unusually shaped pieces for the living room. The trend caught on and was applied to other types of furniture for the bedroom, kitchen, and dining room, and eventually, for offices and hospitality settings, too. European furniture design has since evolved from being strictly traditional to more contemporary and modern. There is a wide array to choose from, so you should have no problems finding pieces that meet your unique design requirements, taste and goals.


More than its forward-thinking shapes and silhouettes, European furniture stands out because of its comfort and functionality for different applications. When you shop for European design furniture pieces, you can expect geometric shapes, unconventional patterns and choices in fabric and detailing, colorful or minimalist hues mixed with accent pieces, and a modern finish that can go well with your interiors.


Providers of modern and contemporary custom furniture work with experienced designers to create unique pieces that meet your requirements. To provide a more genuine look and feel to each piece, these providers make it a point to collaborate with experienced and skilled European furniture designers and architects, too. This way, you can be sure to buy authentic and valuable pieces that you can be proud of.


Expert furniture distributors have at least two decades of experience in providing high-end contemporary imported pieces, only made by well-known brands with the highest-quality materials. You can rely on the quality of the pieces of furniture that you intend to buy from them. The best thing about custom pieces is that you get to decide which materials to use— from the types of wood, metals and screws, to the overall design and color of the furniture.

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