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We offer an extensive selection of world-class original products to design professionals, private clients, and design showrooms that match their aesthetic, project, and budget needs.

We provide key services, products and solutions that contribute to you and your client’s success, whether you’re a professional, interior architect, designer, real estate developer, hotel, restaurant, business owner, design showroom, or discerning individual.

We do it all

  • Find and select the perfect decor, products, and furnishings that match your aesthetic, project, and budget needs to guarantee successful results.
  • Complete logistic and project management. From initial sourcing to quality control, on-site inspection by our Italian office, managing all import aspects and door-to-door logistics to meet project deadlines with product/s, as ordered, in perfect condition, and within budget.
  • A single resource for a diverse assortment of world-class designer interior and outdoor furnishings, so your specifying, ordering, and accounting are easier and faster.
  • Technical assistance with complicated wardrobe, wall, kitchen, and bath systems lets you do more with less staff and avoids costly errors.
  • Products and solutions add perceived value that maximize profits and results for private and public properties: condominiums, apartments, private residences, hotels, clubs and bars, space, restaurants, and yachts.

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