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By David Lopez Quincoces

Modular system with versatile aesthetics and function

LT40 is a fully customisable modular system of Storages and wall elements available in four configurations: floor, sideboard, wall-mounted and panelling. Ideal in any room of the house, the four configurations can be liberally combined and supplemented with a series of additional elements: double side Storages, benches and storage solutions for multimedia equipment, tops in marble and stone, box Storages in wood or glass and an integrated LED lighting system. Also available with the push and pull opening further enhancing the pureness of its essential lines.

Another unique feature of the LT40 system is the wooden LT_FRAME Storages, which can be attached to the wall and have a strong graphic impact, bringing colour to any space. They are available in two sizes and six predefined configurations featuring closed and open sections, while a LED lighting system adds definition to the profile. The compositions are finished with 10 mm side and top panels, which are cut to fit as snugly as a bespoke suit. The internal structure is in Greyvelvet, an innovative, ultra-matt material which feels velvety to the touch yet offers elevated resistance. The LT40 system is protected by registration on the EU’s Design Programme.

Vanity and display case in glass

David Lopez Quinconces, with Vanity, signs an unprecedented dialogue between LT40 and the Armadio al Centimetro system. Inserted between two finishing sides of the Wardrobe and surmounted by a closing top, Vanity is a wall element suspended from a panelling that hides a lit perimeter that transforms the product into a space, a refined and welcoming place for make-up, or a discreet and secluded corner for smart working, in line with the new dynamics of the home space. The light, warm and adjustable, draws an elegant frame around the Smart Mirror, which in its round formal purity, completes a geometric and rigorous composition, giving life to a delicate and soft perimeter light or to a more immediate frontal light. Enriched by a small shelf and Storage designed to hold personal objects, Vanity hides an electrical outlet, indispensable for charging laptops and electronic devices. Proposed in the L-walnut, heat-treated oak and matt or glossy lacquered finishes, Vanity is completed with some optional accessories that help to customise this intimate space: a suspended drawer that can be placed on the right or left and a beauty case closed by a precious leather-covered lid and equipped inside with mirror and containment dividers in eco-leather.

The glass case of LT40 Isole completes the range of proposals in the panorama of the system’s free standing and double-faced Storages. This precious treasure chest, proposed in two widths and two depths, has a glass top and a drawer compartment dedicated to containment through the use of separators in eco-leather: spaces for jewellery, rings, bracelets, watches and accessories, freely positionable to form true customised display cases with a sophisticated aesthetic value. Access is provided by a slot placed at the top part of the front that reveals a drawer.

The individual elements can be, on the back, combined with the Storage with seat, so as to form brand new design concepts of a multifunctional island involving closed Storage, seat, display case, drawers, chests of drawers, compartments with doors and shelves.

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