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The integration of indoors and outdoors in architecture and interior design became popular in the US during the post World War II era.

The mid-century American concept was called, “indoor-outdoor architecture”—where, like the name, indoor and outdoor spaces merge in a cohesive way to create whole environments.

The indoor-outdoor concept also was implemented by well known architects and designers, epitomized by Frank Lloyd Wright.  One of Wright’s main principles was: Bring the outdoors in.  The integration of indoor space with outdoor space he believed when done well can bring well being and creativity.

FALLINGWATER    Frank Lloyd Wright      1935

Present day, the indoor-outdoor design world is only expanding. Architectural Digest highlights beautiful homes that implement these principles and pay homage to Fallingwater.  Patios, gardens, terraces, large glass doors and walls, and more.  Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, the need for more space in general has been accelerated by people spending more time at home and using the outdoor space as additional living and social space.

The definitions of indoor and outdoor furniture continue to grow and merge as people choose comfortable and soft outdoor furniture that can be used just as well indoors; as the outdoor living space is extended to balconies, roof tops, screened porches, decks, small courtyards and the use of pergolas and awnings.

Outdoor spaces become more comfortable with familiar indoor shapes and pieces like upholstered modular seating being used outdoors, either exposed fully to the weather, or in covered areas.

Furniture that blends with the design and that is also functional, practical, well made, and aesthetically pleasing is highly important.  While any product found throughout dzineelements can be used successfully in a space, here are some INSPIRING PRODUCTS especially focused on the indoor-outdoor concept:


DAVOS      Matteo Nunziati      UNOPIU’

DAVOS      Matteo Nunziati      UNOPIU’

GAUDI      Flou     Matteo Nunziati

PIERRE     Flou      Studio Contromano

FLORA       Flou    Ilena Viscardi

MARENCO        Arflex        Mario Marenco

ALUZEN SOFT               Alias Design          Ludovica e Roberto Palomba

HIGHFRAME       Alias Design        Alberto Meda

IN-OUT soaking tub        Agape        Benedini Assoc.

DR soaking tub       Agape       Studio MK 27

CLAY table indoor-outdoor        Desalto        Marc Krusin

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