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Put a smile on your face every day with these fun and beautifully designed pieces, mostly chairs. Some designed in the 1970’s and others last year, they offer comfort and add style and whimsey to any interior. With forms that recall earlier times, childhood characters, animals, and/or fruits–use your imagination to enjoy them however you see them.



Designed by Erberto Carboni in 1954.

Delfino means dolphin in English. See the dolphin forms in these chairs? Playful and energetic like dolphins.

Delfino is an example of “organic” furniture of the Fabulous 1950’s, which took its inspiration from forms found in nature. It reflects the optimism of the post-war years, featuring typical sleek and streamlined silhouettes with thin legs and organic, rounded shapes.

Delfino         Erberto Carboni          arflex


arflex’s Botolo chair was designed by Cini Boeri in 1973, giving life to a new design style where you could choose the height of the legs to have a dining chair in the High version, or a Low version, popular at the time of “living at a low” level when conversation pits were in vogue. There are wheels in the legs to move easily and glide across the floor.

Fun and sophisticated, Botolo emphasizes self -expression, freedom and individuality.
Notice the three legs and wide range of style variations from leather to fabric to fur and beyond.

Placed together, they almost seem to be talking to each other, in conversation making them truly conversation pieces.

Botolo high         Cini Boeri             arflex

Botolo low         Cini Boeri          arflex


Also from arflex and designed by Cini Boeri, Pecorelle armchair reflects how nature prevails and becomes the inspiring muse of this new piece of design.
It was inspired by Christo Vladimirov Javasev’s and Jeanne-Claude Denat de Guillebon’s works, masters in the art of wrapping nature–see its roots here with the chair wrapped in sheep’s clothing. 

Pecorelle         Cini Boeri       arflex

Pecorelle     Cini Boeri       arflex

Pecorelle         Cini Boeri       arflex


arflex’s Yuzu chair is animated almost like a Japanese character, so cute and small in scale but big in personality. Comfortable, practical, and uplifting. Always a favorite. The name comes from the Asian fruit yuzu.

Yuzu       Claesson Koivisto Rune         arflex

GTV Design


GTV Design’s Furia cute small scale rocking chair rocks your home environment. Perfect for children to sit in, or a foot stool for adults. Designed by the Swedish design studio Front. Furia is an elegant rocking horse that transcends the traditional bentwood style of the brand bringing to life an exclusive, playful piece in bent beechwood. A new style icon inspired by the classic rocking chair–one of GTV’s strongest designs–this is a piece with an ironic vibe in which GTV’s trademark features meet the delicate, creative style of Front.

Furia        Front         GTV Design


Waltz, designed by duo GamFratesi, is a modular wall coat hanger, inspired by the ballroom dance it’s named after. Waltz can be creatively placed on the wall any way you like, placed on the same axis or flipped upside down. Playful, with lots of movement, and highlighting the nature of bent wood and the process of using it in design.
Each piece fits into the next to create images and shapes on the wall and mimics the tracing movement of two dancers on the dance floor.

Waltz      GamFratesi       GTV Design

Waltz      GamFratesi       GTV Design


GTV Design’s Mickey chair inspired by the famous cartoon character, designed by India Mahdavi .  See the ears and mouse-like shape of the chair?  Colorful and clever with GTV’s iconic bentwood process. No wonder it captures the attention of so many.

Illustration by Michi Colacicco - Copyright Michi Colacicco 2024

Mickey        India Mahdavi         GTV Design

Mickey       India Mahdavi         GTV Design

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