The story of Lema is a story of Italian manufacturing and an expert combination of innovation and tradition based on the central tenets of quality and customization. Lema’s success lies with its unrivalled and quintessentially Italian manufacturing expertise, which have allowed the company to harness the technological power and efficiency of a large industrial operation while maintaining a deep, artisanal calling. Great attention is paid to each and every phase of manufacture, from design – carried out in close collaboration with the designers themselves – right through to the final product. Indeed, it is this focus on quality which encapsulates the essence of Italian design and Lema’s extraordinarily effective interpretation of this.

Lema Casa:
Specializing in bespoke modular systems for both living and sleeping areas, Lema has drawn on its deep technical expertise to reinvent itself many times throughout its existence, building up a comprehensive home range that includes seats, soft furniture, tables, storage, beds and accessories as well as its trademark systems. In recent years, Lema has become synonymous with a sophisticated and contemporary lifestyle vision

Lema Contract:
As an experienced partner, Lema works alongside clients and is often able to pre-empt new tastes and trends by offering custom-made solutions. We draw on the vast range of Lema Casa and exploit all the benefits of our industrial-scale production model, all the while offering the option to customize the aesthetics, dimensions and materials of our products. Thanks to our comprehensive technical understanding of bespoke modular systems, Lema Contract is able to handle large custom orders through an integrated approach that encompasses every stage of the process, from concept development to prototyping, mock-ups, logistics and final installation.