Timeless furniture design from Italy

What is timeless furniture?

One hears the phrase – “That’s a timeless piece of furniture”, and wonders, what does that mean, exactly?

The term “Timeless” has several nuances when it comes to furniture. It often refers to a piece that is iconic in terms of its historical reference.  It can also, though not necessarily, be expensive.  Both are related subjects that will be addressed another time.

For now, here are some criteria that can be used to understand what qualifies a piece of furniture as being “Timeless”:

  • Classic: It has been valued over time, over years, through many trends and styles, and remains contemporary.
  • Originality of Design: Its design is original for its time and is often realized with innovative materials or the innovative use of materials–think of the Bauhaus school and bent steel tubing, for example.
  • Quality of Design: The proportion, line, detail, and forms all work together visually, are beautiful to behold, and are a pleasure to own.
  • Quality of materials and workmanship: Only the finest materials and fabrication are used to guarantee its longevity and value over time.
  • Form and Function: In the simplest sense, it means that its form matches its function. For example, a sofa or chair is beautiful (form) and comfortable (function).

Why is a timeless piece of furniture important?

A timeless piece of furniture is a natural addition for anyone who appreciates living in an environment that is: welcoming, livable, beautiful, functional, expressive, and with furniture that looks and feels good and adds to the quality and enjoyment of everyday life.

Trendy may be alright for fashion, but many people live with their furniture for years and it becomes a part of their personal history, sometimes even through many generations. The pieces are not disposed of or replaced because their quality and aesthetics endure. They are passed on because they are beautiful, have meaning, and hold memories. 

Here are just a few examples from our Italian furniture collections that are Timeless:

Arflex’s “Botolo” by Cini Boeri

Cini Boeri, one of the recognized greats of Italian Design, designed BOTOLO for ARFLEX in 1973.
Original in design and concept, Botolo was offered in 2 heights, both a “high” version for dining and a “low” version to be used with the low seating that was in vogue. Either way, Botolo continues to be an ideal choice for sitting, relaxing, or working.
With concealed wheels in the legs and removable covers for easy cleaning or to keep an extra for different seasons.

Agape’s “spoon bathtub” by Benedini Associati

Spoon bathtub from AGAPE was Designed by Benedini Associati in 1998 and has become an authentic icon of contemporary design, among the most imitated on the market. With a welcoming form and strong presence, it invites us for a relaxing soak and remains the original reference point of its genre. Still one of AGAPE’s best-selling bathtubs after 25 years.

Unopiù’s “Amanda”

The AMANDA, a unique self-supporting hammock by UNOPIU’, with laminated curved wood base and handwoven cord net for 2 people. It can be used anywhere, even without trees,  and because of its strong character was featured in the Oscar winning film The Great Beauty at the 86th Academy Awards. A timeless UNOPIU’ icon , AMANDA boasts many imitations around the world but remains the point of reference for its original and unique design.

GTV’s “No. 14 chair” by Michael Thonet

From Gebruder Thonet Vienna the No. 14 chair is absolutely the most famous and successful product in the history of furniture. Designed by Michael Thonet in 1860, the No. 14 chair immediately became known as the bistro chair.  Simple, affordable, versatile and always contemporary, it is one of the best-selling chairs ever made:  50 million No. 14s were sold between 1859 and 1930, and millions more have been sold since then. It is considered the first true example of industrial design. Made of six pieces of steam bent wood, ten screws and 2 nuts; it was packed unassembled, 36 pieces per cubic meter, for shipping around the world.

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