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In 2009 Agape’s passion for the culture of design, and the long standing collaboration with Angelo Mangiarotti, culminated in the establishment of Agapecasa, dedicated to the re-edition of the original and timeless pieces of one of the greatest masters of post-war Italian design and architecture.

The Mangiarotti Collection

The Mangiarotti Collection: authentic and original masterpieces.
Agapecasa has been trusted with exclusive production rights of the archives of Angelo Mangiarotti. The “Mangiarotti Collection” is a collection of original furniture pieces designed by Angelo Mangiarotti from the early 50s onwards: design classics, carefully tested and updated in full agreement with Studio Mangiarotti.

AgapeCasa Livingroom

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Icons of Design


Designed by Angelo Mangiarotti


Designed by Angelo Mangiarotti

Club 44

Designed by Angelo Mangiarotti

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